Provided below are design files for the photomasks used in the fabrication of mesh electronics. The photomasks were designed with AutoCAD and written on the Heidelberg MLA150 Maskless Aligner at Harvard CNS. Many companies provide photomask manufacturing services, such as Advanced Reproductions. The units in all design files are mm.

  • Masks for 32-ch plug-and-play meshes
    Mask set
    32-ch mesh electronics with "plug-and-play" I/O
    This design file includes layers corresponding to four different photomasks: (1) bottom SU-8, (2) metal, (3) Pt, and (4) top SU-8. Each mesh electronics probe contains 32 platinum electrodes of 20-μm diameter terminating 1-1 on I/O pads compatible with "plug-and-play" interfacing, as described in Schuhmann et al. (2017).
    Design file (.dwg)